More Than 18,000 Vote on 1st Day of Advance Polls ({{commentsTotal}})

The bill calls for the harmonization of all early voting.
The bill calls for the harmonization of all early voting. Source: (ERR)

The first day of advance polls for the European Parliament attracted 18,513 voters, the majority of whom voted electronically.

Across the country, 3,108 people went to the polling stations and 15,405 voters cast their vote electronically, ETV reported on Thursday.

The stations in Tallinn saw 1,723 people voting and the turnout in Tartu was 792. According to the head of the National Electoral Committee Alo Heinsalu, the voting was carried out without problems on the first day.

Polling stations in county centers are open until 20.00 on Sunday, the electronic vote will end at 18.00 on Wednesday.

Votes can be cast in county centers regardless of the place of residence of the voter. There is at least one polling station in every county center.

Votes can be cast electronically through the website The electronic vote can be changed electronically by voting again before Wednesday, or at the ballot box on election day. Voters can check with their smart device whether their vote has reached the system.