Daily: New Prime Minister's Support at 43% ({{commentsTotal}})

Supporters of the decision to appoint the relatively untested Taavi Rõivas as the country's prime minister in late March outnumber detractors, according to a poll in April conducted by market research company Turu-uuringute AS.

Postimees reported that while only 6 percent of the representative sample said the decision was completely the right one, 37 percent said it was more correct than incorrect. Twenty-five percent of respondents said Rõivas was the wrong choice, while 32 percent did not answer.

The question whether Rõivas was competent to serve as PM yielded almost identical figures.

Among ethnic Estonians, support for Rõivas is at 55 percent, but among non-Estonians, his support is only at 19 percent.

Among Reform Party respondents, Rõivas had the backing of 78 percent, while 66 percent of IRL backers agreed. Among Social Democrats his support stands at 60 percent, while 34 percent of Center Party voters support him.