Estonians Link Events in Ukraine to Potential Military Threat, Survey Finds ({{commentsTotal}})

Juhan Kivirähk
Juhan Kivirähk Source: Photo: ERR

The conflict in Ukraine is linked to the perceived potential threat against Estonia, social scientist Juhan Kivirähk said in comments on a recently released public opinion poll.  

According to a survey commissioned by the Ministry of Defense, the number of people who see a military threat to Estonia has increased, ETV reported on Friday.

Despite this fact, 75 percent of people do not know what they could do to defend Estonia in case of a threat.

There is a clear distinction between citizens and non-citizens - only a third of the latter said they would be actively defending the state.

The change in attitudes is largely attributed to Ukraine.

“After the events in Ukraine, there have been more answers along the lines of thinking that Estonia could be threatened by a foreign aggression. Before, less than 10 percent of people thought that Estonia may be attacked, whereas now the number is 30 percent. So this is a clear and significant increase. The events in Ukraine are being linked to the threat to Estonia,” Kivirähk said.

A total of 1,203 Estonian residents aged 15-74 took part in the survey, which sampled a variety of issues.