Teacher Salaries Vary Widely By Location ({{commentsTotal}})

According to statistics compiled by the Ministry of Education, the lowest average monthly gross salary for a teacher is 712 euros in Vaivara municipality in Ida-Viru County, while the highest average is 1,312 euros in Sauga in Pärnu County.

The salary fund for teachers in municipal schools was increased from 157 to 166 million euros at the turn of the year, enough for each full-time teacher to be paid an average of 978 euros per month before tax, although the final figure is decided by the schools and the municipalities.

The other notable figures:
Koonga (Pärnu County) – 717 euros
Mõisaküla (Saaremaa) – 743
Alatskivi (near Tartu) – 758
Mustjala (Saaremaa) – 762
Paikuse (next to Pärnu city) – 1,100
Sangaste (Valga County) – 1,292
Narva – 1,073
Tartu – 989
Tallinn – 966

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