Pot Legalization Debate: Meikar on Failed Drug War, Bookstore Essay Contest Winner Announced ({{commentsTotal}})

Independent EP candidate Silver Meikar, who has been scoring points on the youth and libertarian circuit, authored a recent opinion in which he argued that it was time to stop feeding organized crime and think about legalizing cannabis. 

While calling cannabis a vice, the May 16 piece argues that the public health cost is much less than that of other substances and it is not worth saddling users with the stigma of criminality, citing the experience with decriminalization or legalization in some US states, Uruguay, Portugal and the Netherlands.

"Using the methodology of the European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies, the Estonian state could collect 100 million euros in taxes - in comparison the same amount is spent on the payroll for police, rescue officials, border guards and other safety and security institutions."

"The first step is that medical marijuana should be made available," he wrote regarding Estonia.

"As an MEP, I pledge to take part in developing a pan-European drugs policy. Estonia has an obligation as a drug epidemic country to deal lead effective narcotics policy on the European level." Meikar noted that in 2016, the EU will be reviewing the way soft drugs are classified and said this would be propitious timing for Estonia to open up serious political debate.


Slothrop's, a small English-language bookstore in Tallinn's Old Town, announced the winner of a cannabis-themed essay contest, "Why Marijuana Should be Legalized in Estonia." The award, 300 euros, went to Maila Meldre. The smoke-free award ceremony will be held on May 22 at Slothrop's.