Unknown Political Spam Emails Not a Crime, Says Police ({{commentsTotal}})

Police will not open an investigation into emails sent by an unknown source claiming to represent the four parliamentary parties in Estonia and asking for donations.

Ilmar Kahro, a spokesman for the Police Board, told Postimees on Tuesday that no identity theft took place as political parties are legal entities, not private persons, adding that the parties may turn to courts if they feel they have suffered moral or material damage.

On May 6, emails were sent claiming to represent the Center Party, the Reform Party, IRL and the Social Democrats. The emails had similar structure, outlining internal problems of a political party and asking for donations to solve the problems as well as for the European Parliament elections campaign. The bank account numbers at the end of the emails matched those of the parties, but all four parties denied any involvement.

Anto Veldre, an expert at the Information System Authority, said all emails were sent from one IP address.