Äripäev Endorses IRL Again ({{commentsTotal}})

The business daily - the only Estonian media publication to endorse parties prior to elections - said in an editorial today that the right-of-center IRL was the best choice, being "capitalistic in worldview and supporting a prosperous, industrious society."

The other likely suitor for the paper's sympathies, the pro-business Reform Party, had more stains on its record, the editorial board wrote.

The paper said it did not care for its "party politics with murky decision-making processes [...]  scheming for power, such as the recent turn to the left with the Social Democrats." 

"Reform has not shown reform, and has lost much of its business-friendly appeal."

Äripäev also endorsed IRL in the last two general elections. Today is the last day of advance polls and e-voting for the European Parliament elections.