Abortions in Steady Decline ({{commentsTotal}})

The number of abortions in Estonia fell last year compared to 2012, dropping by 309 to 7,606.

Statistics Estonia told rus.err.ee on Saturday that the number of abortions has been in decline for 23 years - in 1991, there were 29,406 abortions.

Pregnancies were terminated by 13 girls under 15 and 573 abortion patients were aged 15-19. The largest share of abortions was made by women aged 25-29, and one patient was aged 50.

There were 42.5 abortions per birth in 2013 and 25.5 abortions per 1000 women aged 15-49.

In Estonia, terminations are allowed up to the end of the 11th week of pregnancy and in case of medical necessity up to the 21st week of pregnancy. State policy is aimed at reducing the number of abortions by reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies through increasing awareness of effective contraception.