June 23 Victory Day Parade Will Feature March Into Foreign Territory ({{commentsTotal}})

This year's Victory Day festivities will take place in the border town of Valga and feature a - friendly, of course - march into the twin town of Valka, Latvia.

The Defense League will participate with about 1,000 members. The Latvian contingent wil be 300 strong and flag companies from Estonia's allies in the 1918-1920 war - Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the UK - are also invited, said Defense League spokesman Tanel Rütman in Õhtuleht.

The 1919 battle commemorated on June 23 was fought in Latvia, alongside Latvian elements, against the German Landeswehr.  

The parade will start in downtown Valga and proceed to Valka, where a roll call will take place. 

The parade traditionally takes place in a different city each year, with ceremonial torches carried into all corners of the land. Last year's parade was in Haapsalu.