Center Could Lose Seat in Parliament If Toom Accepts MEP Post ({{commentsTotal}})

Yana Toom's election as member of European Parliament creates a politically awkward situation in national parliament.

If the Estonian MP takes up the post in Brussels and Strasbourg, her substitute in Estonia would be Vilja Savisaar-Toomast, who is no longer a member of the Center Party and has joined the Reform Party. That doesn't affect the rules on alternates, though.  

Priit Toobal, the Center Party's secretary general, called on Savisaar-Toomast to resign her position.

"Vilja should give up that seat in the Riigikogu, and leave the seat to the Center Party, as the votes were cast for Center," he told

Savisaar-Toomast is currently an MEP herself.