Head of Polish Army: Baltic Air Defense Capability Must Be Increased ({{commentsTotal}})

The head of the Polish Army, Lt. Gen. Mieczyslaw Gocul, met with his Estonian counterpart, Maj. Gen. Riho Terras in Tallinn on Tuesday, and said afterwards that Poland and the Baltic states need better air protection.

The two discussed regional security in the light of the Ukraine crisis, saying joint military exercises must continue, ETV reported.

The general said air defense is the top priority according to the nation's president and Government Office, adding that they plan to have new air defense capabilities by 2017.

He said progress on that front is not only imperative to Poland, but to the whole alliance of NATO.

Polish Su-22 fighter jets and SA-8 anti-air missiles were in Estonia in May taking part in the Kevadtorm military maneuvers.