Center Party Should Move Back to the Center, Says IRL MP ({{commentsTotal}})

Margus Tsahkna.
Margus Tsahkna. Source: (ERR)

IRL MP Margus Tsahkna said the Center Party should bring its focus back on Estonia from an extreme Russian mentality.

“Savisaar flirted with Russian voters and today we can see the results in the success by Yana Toom and Mihhail Stalnuhhin. Behind them are very strong Estonian candidates such as Jüri Ratas and Kadri Simson. In Parliament we need a Center Party which stands in the middle of it (Russian and Estonian voters),” Tsahkna said, speaking on ETV's “Foorum” on Wednesday.

Ratas said his party has worked hard to represent different groups in Estonian society and they collected votes from all over Estonia.

Indrek Saar, of SDE, said the progress of Estonian democracy was the main winner from last week's European Parliament elections, adding that voters are becoming more intelligent with each election.

Reform Party MP Kristen Michal said he is not sure Yana Toom will represent the interests of Estonia in Brussels. “I do not believe we should be silent in Estonia if we see someone clearly supporting policies against the Estonian people and state,” he said.