Tartu Medical Students to Intern in Tallinn ({{commentsTotal}})

University of Tartu and the North Estonia Medical Center, one of the nation's largest hospital complexes, have signed an agreement to offer more students intern places.

The motivation between the cooperation agreement is to increase intern opportunities for final year students, so they can build up experience before entering the job market as a resident, ERR radio reported today.

Doctor Andrus Remmelgas, a board member at the Medical Center, said the center offers a very large variety of medical fields with many top experts who can guide the students.

The center has seven clinics with 31 specialist centers, employing over 500 doctors. The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tartu has nearly 2,000 students.

A challenge for the university in the long term is to integrate medical residencies and internships so that work does not only take place in Tartu.

Irja Lutsar, professor of medical microbiology, in a recent university publication: "We will likely need an agreement in Estonian medicine that Tartu and Tallinn should not provide overlapping services when it comes to specialized kinds of surgeries, kidney replacement therapy and organ transplants. The pre-clinical side of research depends on how good our biologists, chemists and physicists are. As to the clinical side, we need patients. Probably some part of the Estonia’s medical school and clinical academics will have to move to Tallinn as well."