Face of ERR's Ukraine Coverage Picks Up Another Award ({{commentsTotal}})

Astrid Kannel, known to TV viewers for her frontlines coverage from Maidan square in Kyiv, Crimea and eastern Ukraine, has won ERR's Valdo Pant award for journalism. 


Kannel, who turns 47 in a few days, was praised by the head of ERR news operations, Urmet Kook. "Her creative flowering this spring was connected to the chance to travel to Ukraine and cover the watershed events there. All this confirms how important it is for a journalist to be in the middle of important, major events, not just in a stuffy editorial office translating from international news agencies.

"Astrid is a diminutive but powerful woman. She had her bags packed the whole period of the Ukraine crisis and plans ready how to arrange things on the home front if she had to leave for a week. I called her at 11:00 one Saturday morning and said she had to fly to Ukraine at the first opportunity. An hour later she was at the airport."

Kannel is one of the anchors of the evening news program Aktuaalne Kaamera.

She won the Ene Hiion award, handed out by an NGO, last month.