Two Mayors Facing No-Confidence Votes ({{commentsTotal}})

Less than nine months after the last local elections, the mayors of Viljandi, population 17,500, and Paide, population 8,200, could be sacked.

Ando Kiviberg, the mayor of Viljandi, Estonia's seventh largest town, has been accused of focusing too much on the Viljandi Folk Music Festival and not enough on the city's problems.

Opposition councilman Loit Kivistik, of the Reform Party, called for a no-confidence vote in Viljandi, saying city officials "have not enough of the mayor" as he is busy organizing the four-day event, due to be held in early August.

Kiviberg said he is new to high-level politics but added his priority is the city and that he will take a holiday during the festival.

Viljandi will hold a no-confidence vote on June 5.

Reform Party missing IRL in Paide

The current coalition of the Social Democrats, the Center Party and the Reform Party was only made possible in Paide, the nation's 16th most populous community, after two IRL councilmen changed sides.

Tarmo Alt, of the Reform Party, said the Social Democrat mayor Alo Aasma is not as willing to compromise as IRL was before the elections.

Some Reform Party Paide councilmen have backed Aasma, while others are willing to vote against him in the no-confidence vote, set for June 16.

Aasma said the Reform Party is playing political games, as IRL has won one member back and the Reform Party could now form a majority coalition with IRL, and has demanded more power in the current coalition.

According to ERR, the power play could mean the city will be left without a new school, as the move is supported by the Social Democrat education minister, Jevgeni Ossinovski.