Damaged Elron Train Not to Be Replaced Before Next Year ({{commentsTotal}})

A new diesel train, which was damaged in a collision with a truck in mid-April, killing two people, will not be replaced this year and the company will have to make do with fewer trains.

The company's spokesman, Norbert Kaaraste, told Äripäev on Monday that the train was rented from producer Stadler and Elron will not have to cover any costs.

He said two carriages are also likely to be replaced.

“The Stadler train manufacturer works like a Swiss watch, precisely and optimally. They have no gap in the production process just in case drivers smash into trains,” he said.

Elron runs 18 electric trains in Harju County and 20 diesel trains on longer routes.

Two people died and 12 were injured after a passenger train heading from Tallinn to Tartu collided with a truck at a crossing in Harju County on April 16.