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Tallinn TV Tower, since its reopening on 4 April 2012, has played host to a wide range of events, such as bungee jumping, business conferences and music concerts. Therefore it felt like a natural progression to use the storied venue, famous for its role in the story of Estonia winning re-independence in 1991, as the canvas to display the latest work by three of the country's brightest creative minds.

Friday, two of Estonian fashion design's biggest names teamed up for a spectacular show. Aldo Järvsoo and Liisi Eesmaa revealed their summer collections to an audience which included not only the usual fashion crowd, but also interested casual observers, drawn to the inventive choice of location. Both collections were predominantly monochrome, with the runway occasionally lit up by a splash of optimistic pastel or neon. The old adage about hemlines getting longer in the aftermath of a recession seems to ring true, as most of the dresses reached down to the feet. Additional interest was provided by eye-catching jewelry crafted by Tanel Veenre.