German Air Policing Planes Will Rotate In Next at Ämari ({{commentsTotal}})

Germany has said it wil send four Typhoon fighter aircraft to participate in the Baltic Air Policing mission during the next four-month term to start in September, down from the six originally pledged.

The March pledge was made before Ämari base, Estonia's own base, was added to the air policing program midway through the year, and the Typhoons would be identical in number to Denmark's current four planes, so it wasn't clear how much of a downgrade it was.

NATO has tripled its air contingent in the Baltics and is using multi-country deployments in a departure from the standard system of three four-month single-country rotations each year.

Germany and France have been the countries that have prompted the most grumbling in NATO's east - France for its Mistral assault ship deal with Russia, while Germany has its own arms deals and military cooperation - more modest in size but involving high technology. It has also been profiled for a supposed affinity for Russia among some German politicians.