4,800 Companies Unveiled in First Tax Hall of Shame ({{commentsTotal}})

The Tax Board unveiled its new measure to increase tax revenues, publishing a list of companies with tax debt.

First published on Tuesday, the list contains 4,800 companies with debt at least 1,000 euros. That list will be renewed at the beginning of each month.

The top 5 are:
1. Polar Takstiil OÜ – 5.5 million euros
2. Adrian Arendus OÜ – 2.0 million euros
3. Vexel Ehitus OÜ – 1.7 million euros
4. Ozon MMG Grupp OÜ – 1.4 million euros
5. Lindaliini AS – 1.4 million euros

The current list members owe a combined 133 million euros to the state. You can see the complete list, in Excel format, here.

“Publishing the list should increase the interest of larger companies to keep their duties in check,” said Triin Raaper of the Tax Board at the end of May, citing the example of Portugal, where a similar scheme has received positive feedback.