Anti-Corruption Committee Supports Tackling Misuse of Public Funds for Campaigning ({{commentsTotal}})

The Anti-Corruption Select Committee of the Estonian Parliament unequivocally endorsed further legal steps to prevent the corrupt use of public funds, mostly regarding political advertising.

The committee endorsed two amendments, the first of which was to the Political Parties Act and Advertising Act, which passed the first reading in Parliament in mid-May, reported today.

The head of the committee, Ken-Marti Vaher, called on passing the amendments before the 2015 parliamentary elections. Initiated by the Reform Party’s Valdo Randpere, it aims to prevent the misuse of public funds for political advertising.

The second amendment was submitted by the IRL in mid-May and concerns the Parliamentary Elections Act, also aiming to curb the use of public funds for campaigning in parliamentary and local elections.