Customs Find 3rd 100kg Hashish Stash Since Last Summer ({{commentsTotal}})

Authorities confiscated 100.5 kilograms of hashish from a vehicle crossing to Estonia in Valga last weekend.

A Volkswagen Passat was stopped for an additional screening, and customs officials found the drugs in a secret compartment built into the roof of the car.

Head of the Drug Division at the Tax and Customs Board, Urmet Tambre, said the second large confiscation in such a short period is a sign to crime syndicates that it is not simple to transport drugs to Estonia or use the nation as a transit corridor to Scandinavia and Russia.

Customs officials found 102.8 kilograms of hashish in a BMW in March, also at a border check in southern Estonia, and 111 kilograms of the same drug was found also in BMW in July last year.