Police Begin Staff Reform With Layoffs ({{commentsTotal}})

The Police and Border Guard Board have begun its plan of mass staff cuts by sacking 80 people from a total of 250 layoffs planned this year.

The rest of the staff who will be let go this year will know by October 1 at the latest, with the cuts due to affect the bureaucratic side of the force most. The aim of the cuts is to increase the minimum salary of policemen to a monthly gross of 900 euros.

The number of local constables will be cut by half to 150, with the rest becoming patrol policemen. Each population settlement of more than 10,000 will continue to have at least one local constable.

Critics say police in some parts of the country could lose a connection with local people and the state is becoming less noticeable, especially in border areas.

According to ETV, the force, currently with 5,400 staff, could face more staff cuts next year.