Reform Party Snags Councilman in Narva, Center Party Stronghold ({{commentsTotal}})

Vadim Orlov, the head of Narva's Logistics and Industrial Park, and a councilman on the Narva City Council, has quit the Center Party for the Reform Party, giving the PM's party a seat on the Narva City Council.

In October, Orlov received 602 votes, the seventh best result in the nation's third biggest city, and will be the only Reform Party member on the council. The Reform Party has not contested local elections in the city since 2005, when it one seat with 6.5 percent of the total votes.

“As a Narva resident I know well that one of the most important problems in Narva is unemployment, which can be alleviated by the Narva Logistics and Industrial Park by attracting investors,” he said, adding that the Reform Party is the only party which supports businesses, regional development and job creation in Narva.

The Reform Party has wooed three Ida-Viru County municipality heads in the last month, successfully getting them to defect. 

The party's Ida-Viru branch is headed by Deniss Boroditš, a former Center Party Tallinn deputy mayor, who joined the party at the end of December last year.