Estonian Soviet-Themed TV Show Comes to South America ({{commentsTotal}})

The tables have turned as Estonia has begun to export TV shows to South America, after showing Hispanic romantic dramas for years.

The ETV hit show “ENSV,” or Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic, brings viewer back to the 1980s in Estonia, which was still in deep Soviet times.

The show, which is in its seventh season, has been sold to Venezuela, Canada, Turkey, the Balkans, France and has even featured on television sets in Africa.

The show looks into the everyday lives of the protagonists, including an ex-party member, a war veteran, a police officer and a barman. The nostalgia factor could be behind the popularity of the show, which is chronological and is now entering the Gorbachov era.

Producers say they have already received fan mail from Venezuela, reported based on Kroonika magazine.

Another show, TV3's “Kättemaksukontor” crime drama, was sold to a number of foreign TV channels at the beginning of last year.