Vaher: Staff Cuts Will Affect Senior Police As Well ({{commentsTotal}})

Director General of the Police and Border Guard Board Elmar Vaher
Director General of the Police and Border Guard Board Elmar Vaher Source: Photo: ERR

Police chief Elmar Vaher said the planned staff cut of around 200 people will also affect high-ranking officers, who will be offered jobs that are less desk-oriented.

Speaking on ERR radio today, Vaher said the aim of the cuts is to find more funds for policemen on the front line, adding that he currently sees no alternative to increasing salaries other than staff cuts.

He said the cuts will first arrive at leadership levels, with higher-ranking police officers being offered lower-ranking jobs closer to the front lines. The number of deputy director generals will be cut from five to three.

The number of border guard stations could also be cut with other leadership structures coming under review.

He said more details will be published soon, as the force is currently in the process of talking to those in the firing line.

Besides staff, other areas are also under scrutiny, such as police real estate.

Vaher himself was a surprise candidate for the force's top job, when the previous chief resigned at the end of 2012. After taking the hot seat in Aprli last year, Vaher has changed out many top leaders in the force, replacing them with younger officers.

The last such reforms took place in 2000, when around 500 police officers were sacked to increase the salaries of the rest.