Rõivas in Kyiv: Details About Captured Observers Classified ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas spoke to his Ukrainian counterpart during a visit to the troubled nation on the weekend, saying the Ukrainian PM revealed more details about the captured Estonian OSCE observer, but that the information will be kept classified for the observer's safety.

Rõivas told Delfi on Saturday that the Ukrainian authorities are doing all they can to free the four OSCE observers, including one Estonian, who were captured on May 26 in eastern Ukraine.

He said Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the Ukrainian PM, is optimistic about the men's release.

Estonian aid

Rõivas said Ukraine is faced with a number of reforms Estonia navigated ten years ago when joining the EU, and that Estonia can share its experience.

The PM also met new President Petro Poroshenko and wished him good luck on his challenges, adding that Estonia is supporting his and the Ukrainian people's pursuits.

Rõivas also talked to US Vice President Joe Biden, Senator John McCain and Canadian PM Stephen Harper.