More Police Reform: Only Detectives to Retain Crime Investigator Title ({{commentsTotal}})

Police and Border Guard chief Elmar Vaher has announced a new reform - 400-500 crime investigators will lose their job title and become procedural officers instead.

All current police detectives will retain the grade of crime investigator, but police who are not involved in crime-solving or planning investigation tactics will become procedural officers, wrote Postimees daily.

"The Estonian term 'crime police' will continue to mean what people likely presume - investigators of complicated and serious crimes, who solve drug, corruption and white-collar crimes, organised crime, money laundering and hard to solve homicides," Vaher said.

He didn't say how the change would affect pay grades.

Prior to this reform, 200 staff cuts were announced, aiming to find more funds for policemen on the front line.

The cuts will first arrive at leadership levels, with higher-ranking police officers being offered lower-ranking jobs closer to daily interactions with the public. The number of deputy director generals will be cut from five to three.