Finnish Dockworkers Strike, Estonian Ferries Unaffected ({{commentsTotal}})

Vana Tallinn ferry
Vana Tallinn ferry Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Dock workers across Finland are on strike today, but a spokesperson for the Tallink line told that passenger ferry traffic between Tallinn and Helsinki is unaffected.

While Helsingin Sanomat daily reported that Finnish-Swedish passenger services were affected, the Tallink rep said, "Nothing's changed today."  

A strike was called by the Transport Workers Union AKT, Yle News reports, and it has shut down ports across the country. The day-long strike is in support of a shop steward in Tornio.

According to a union website, the shop steward had been threatened by a representative of a Russian ship in the port, where dockers are already on strike on a separate issue. The strike in Torino has been ongoing for almost two weeks.

The managing director of the Finnish Port Operators Association, Juha Mutru, said the economic damage from the shutdown in shipping is measured in millions or tens of millions of euros, and is creating a bad reputation for Finland. More than 2,000 stevedores are taking part in the protests.

Union representatives maintain the strike is legal. 

Dockworkers in the rest of Finland are expected to return to work on Thursday at 6:00.