US Special Forces Already in Estonia - MoD ({{commentsTotal}})

After reports earlier in the day that the US was for the first time committing permanent troops for Northern and Eastern European allies, the Estonian Ministry of Defense said that US special forces are already in Estonia and working with Estonian special military units.

After exercises last month and the arrival of the first rotation of 150 airborne troops, "further training drills will consistently keep about 100 US elite troops on the ground at any one time in NATO states close to Russia, with teams working in several countries," Reuters reported today.

Ministry spokesman Artur Jugaste told some of the elite troops are already in Estonia, although details remain classified.

“All of that is done in the name of securing Estonia's defense even more,” he told, adding that the ministry highly backs the decision to keep the troops in the region on a more permanent basis.

It was reported that the local special forces would be modeled along the lines of the US Navy SEALs, Delta Force or the UK's Special Air Service (SAS).