Tallinn Battling Hard Against Private Schools ({{commentsTotal}})

Tallinn City Government has been taken to court no fewer than 13 times in the past two years by private schools, as the local government has refused to support them financially on par with public schools.

Courts have made a final ruling on five of the cases, with the city losing four and partially losing the fifth, meaning it has had to pay large sums to private institutions. Tallinn's payouts to local schools have reached 35,000 euros per month, for some of the larger ones, Rocca al Mare School being one example.

Tallinn is also responsible for legal costs amounting to thousands of euros, Postimees reported today.

The city in turn has taken the Ministry of Education to court, demanding 4.7 million euros for what it says are “additional responsibilities” handed to the municipality by the Private Schools Act, but the Tallinn District Court rejected the complaint.