Song Festival Torch Lighted in Tartu ({{commentsTotal}})

The Song Festival torch was lighted at sunrise at Sunday and the ceremonial fire started making its way around the country in the runup to the July 4-6 event in Tallinn.  

The lighting ceremony took place at 4:06 at the Estonian National Museum in Raadi, a symbolically patriotic spot, with dance director Lille-Astra Arraste and conductor Alo Titsing doing the honors.

The fire was passed from hand to hand until it reached the other song and dance festival officials, as a lyrical work by Hando Runnel was read and a musical work by Alo Mattiisen played.

After a stop at Raadi cemetery, the torch passed to the memorial stone marking the first national song festival, where the Tartu Academic Male Choir met the torch-bearers. The torch was carried into the depths of Toome park, for more ceremonies, and then, from Town Hall Square, it started a more than 1,000-kilometer journey through many eastern and central Estonia to Tallinn.

Held every five years, the Song Festival is on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage.