Number of Blood Donations on the Rise ({{commentsTotal}})

Mullu andsid doonorid verd 2017 korda.
Mullu andsid doonorid verd 2017 korda. Source: Postimees/Scanpix

A total of 37,256 people donated blood in Estonia last year, a four percent increase, but the overall number of first-time donors has fallen.

The number of donors makes up for 2.8 percent of the population, below the 4 percent level recommended by the World Health Organization for ensuring stable blood stocks in a developed country, reported today.

In 2004, returning donors made up 71 percent of overall numbers, by 2013, the number had climbed to 80 percent.

A possible explanation for the decline of first-time donors is the decrease of young people in the population.

To attract first-time donors and returning donors, donor centers hold blood donation days and activities - 625 events in 207 different locations last year. This yielded 39 percent of all blood donations collected last year.

Last year, 19,844 patients received blood transfusions - a 4 percent increase in line with the increase in donations, which highlights the continued need for donors.