Estonians Most Tech-Friendly Among Baltics ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonians are more keen on consumer electronics and technology than Latvians and Lithuanians, the survey of consumer behavior in the Baltic states revealed.

According to the survey, Estonians use more technology and they also have a larger selection of various appliances at home, the consumer portal Tarbija24 of the daily Postimees reported Tuesday.

Even though nearly all households in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have kitchen appliances, mobile phones and computers, 22 percent of Estonians also have game consoles. Fifteen percent of Latvian households do, and 14 percent of Lithuanians.

More than half of economically active Estonians use smart devices for educational materials and the habit is even more popular among the young aged under 24. Television still plays an important part, although on average, television was the least popular among the under 35-year-olds in Estonia.

All three nations think that technology has not hindered personal contacts and 71 percent of Estonians thought technology makes it easier to stay in touch with their loved ones. Nearly three quarters of Estonians aged 55-65 think that technology helps to bring their families together.

Avo-Rein Tereping, the quality manager of the State Infocommunication Foundation, a non-commercial foundation administered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication, said the survey demonstrates differences in consumer behavior not only according to region but also according to age and sex.

The survey was conducted by Samsung Electronics Baltics and the research company GfK Custom Research Baltic among 2200 people in the three Baltic states.