Little Chance of Improved Weather Before Midsummer Holiday ({{commentsTotal}})

As Estonia gears up for one of the season's biggest holidays - Victory Day on Monday and midsummer celebrations that night - the weather should remain dismal, and today there is still a lingering chance of the mystery white precipitation variously identified as hail or snow that made the ground white on Tuesday.  

"We last recorded snow in June 32 years ago and it was on exactly the same date: June 17, 1982," meteorologist Helve Meitern told AFP on Tuesday.

Starting from the islands, things should start drying out tomorrow afternoon, with highs of 10-15 C. (Skeptics should note that about that temperature was forecasted for Tuesday, but the temperature in Tallinn had dropped to 3 C at 14:00.)

Thursday will bring more precipitation. Temperatures will hit 19 in some parts of the country at the end of the week, but there should be a slight cooling to 13-17 C by Saturday. 

The current outlook for Monday, June 23, a national holiday, is a 70-90 percent chance of rain in the morning and day and a slight improvement to only 40-70 percent chance of showers in the evening.

It's still beyond the horizon of the National Weather Service's forecasting, but there's a good chance of a washout, with the first chance at 20 C temperatures coming mid-week.