New Tallinn Subsidy Announced: Sub-100-Euro Digs for Docs ({{commentsTotal}})

Tallinn Children's Hospital
Tallinn Children's Hospital Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

In a type of subsidized move that has become one of the city's hallmarks, Tallinn said it will offer medical staff cut-rate public housing in a bid to fight back against demographic tide.

With the eyes of many doctors and nurses looking toward greener pastures, Tallinn will offer flats at a rate of 3 euros per square meter in a building in Mustamäe district near the hospital. 

Ninety-seven healthcare workers will get a dwelling there. The building is being renovated but will be ready in early spring of next year.

"As a move to prevent departure of healthcare workers from Estonia, the Tallinn healthcare development plan provides for the opportunity to give healthcare staff municipal housing at lower than market rate," said a deputy mayor, Eha Võrk.

The medics will still have to pay for utilities and maintenance.

Current shortages at the two biggest hospitals plus the children's hospital are 76 doctors, 108 nurses and 54 caregivers.

Along with offering free public transport for the past 18 months, Tallinn recently opened a municipal food store program. The Center Party, which has a majority on Tallinn City Council, has backed programs where people are paid to return to Estonia from abroad.