Public Russian Language Channel Needed, ERR Council Says ({{commentsTotal}})

Chairman of the Public Broadcasting Council Agu Uudelepp
Chairman of the Public Broadcasting Council Agu Uudelepp Source: Photo: ERR

Estonia needs a long-term strategy for developing Russian language media and public broadcasting should play an important role, the Estonian Public Broadcasting's (ERR) council said today.


A letter sent to the government and the Ministry of Culture states that the influence of existing public Russian language outlets - Radio 4, the news site and the Russian version of the news program Aktuaalne Kaamera - could be improved by additional contributions.

However, to make a significant difference in the Russian language media in Estonia, a full-scale public Russian language channel must be founded, the letter said.

The output of the channel should combine programs on news and current events produced in Estonia with diverse and educational programs, it added.

The Public Broadcasting Council highlighted that a political decision is required on the issue and funds should be earmarked in the Strategy of Integration and Social Cohesion “Lõimuv Eesti 2014-2020," currently being drafted.