3,000 More Tickets to Song Festival's Dance Events Go On Sale ({{commentsTotal}})

Responding to demand from people interested in attending the dance performances of the National Song Festival on July 4 to 6, organizers have arranged for an additional set of bleachers for 1,000 people at each of the three performances, ERR radio reported this morning. 

The extra tickets went on sale at noon through the Piletilevi and other agencies.

Two of the three dance festival performances - to be held at Kalev Stadium, capacity 12,000 - old out quickly earlier in the month, with only a few tickets left for Sunday's performance, Sten Weidebaum, the spokesperson for the song and dance festival, said.

As for the song festival, where there is by comparison a huge general admission area, about 15,000 tickets had been sold to the first and second concert (there are two, on Saturday and Sunday) with 40,000 on sale in total. The discounted tickets (4 and 6 euro tiers) will be on sale until June 30. 

A look at figures: the Song Festival, the 26th in history, will feature 1,046 choirs and 32,000 singers. The Dance Festival will have 654 troupes with 10,000 folk dancers. That would beat the record of 38,000 performers from the 2009 song festival. The festival takes place at the Song Festival Grounds and at Kalev Stadium from July 4-6.