Cool Weather to Stay Put ({{commentsTotal}})

Like some recent winters, which started with a crisp bang only to subside into months of damp and muted conditions, July is expected to arrive with temperatures only in the high teens and no sign of the brilliant warmth seen briefly in the spring.

According to the National Weather Service, the week ahead will see Estonia grazed by low pressure systems of varying intensity. The chance of showers will be around 50 percent during the day on Thursday and Friday, as temperatures remain stubbornly around 15 C, maybe 17 C inland. (The weather service's percentages are given geographically, meaning that a given spot has a 50 percent chance of rain.)

The next few nights, and especially tonight and Saturday night, temperatures could drop to freezing in low-lying areas. Otherwise, the short nights will be in the single digits Celsius. 

Saturday and Sunday will be warmer, but only marginally. While Saturday may be dry, Sunday will bring more persistent rain, including some local downpours. Monday holds a 50 percent of rain.

The long-range forecast is for cool temperatures all the way through July 7, and that temperatures will only brush the 20 C mark in drier conditions.