Functional Gas Network Best for Estonia Instead of LNG Terminal, Business Daily Writes ({{commentsTotal}})

Earlier this year Gazum, a Finnish energy company and the Estonian fuel company Eesti Alexela presented their plans to the European Commission to build two LNG terminals on the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

Since the European Commission seems to be opting out of financing two LNG terminals in the eastern sector of the Baltic Sea, Äripäev writes in an opinion piece today, Estonia’s new focus should be establishing a gas network with Finland in order to maximize the gains from the project, supporting the construction of just one terminal, and that in Finland.

Instead of the envisioned LNG terminal, Estonia is to shift its focus to the Balticconnector project, which will provide a gas connection with Finland and in theory integrate the two country’s economies.

The idea of competing with Finland in the building of a terminal in this region is in no one’s interest, says Äripäev, the most efficient plan for Estonia is to find its niche which will link it with the LNG terminal, and that is to be the distribution point for the Balticconnector.

Heiki Linnamägi, the Estonian information councilor at the European Commission, has said that the LNG terminal and the Balticconnector will open up the Baltic States remarkably to the Western energy market as well as increase energy security in the region.