Parent Pension Bill Should be Tied to Cabinet No-Confidence Vote, Says Reform Party MP ({{commentsTotal}})

Kristen Michal
Kristen Michal Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Head of the ruling Reform Party's faction in Parliament, Kristen Michal, said IRL is disrupting the assembly's work by submitting 1,000 amendments to the pension for parents reform, and a no-confidence vote should be held instead.

Michal told on Wednesday it would take a month to debate the 1,000 proposals to the bill and other important bills would have to delayed.

He said a no-confidence vote would replace the need to vote on each of the 1,000 amendments.

Such a move was last used in 2009 when a no-confidence vote took place, instead of debates on a supplementary budget.

The bill itself was one of the cornerstones of the previous IRL-Reform Party government, and the new Cabinet has been pushing for a watered-down version, which would postpone pension payments to parents by three years.