Savisaar Appeals Funding Oversight Committee Ruling ({{commentsTotal}})

Tallinn Mayor Edgar Savisaar and Deputy Mayor Arvo Sarapuu have appealed to the Tallinn Administrative Court a ruling of a the Political Party Funding Oversight Committee, which said a number of local government ads in 2013 were of political nature and should be paid for by the politicians featured in the ads.

The ruling affected Savisaar and Sarapuu, but also Karin Tammemägi, Priit Kutser and Jaanus Mutli, all Tallinn municipality officials, and Tartu Mayor Urmas Kruuse. Except for Kruuse, who is a Reform Party member, all the officials are Center Party members.

The taxpayer, or in Kruuse's case, private business funded ads all appeared shortly before the 2013 local elections.

The exact figures were, according to Postimees:
¤ 11,000 euros for advertising the opening of a stadium in Tallinn, the campaign featured Tallinn Mayor Edgar Savisaar
¤ 269 euros for Tallinn city posters with district elder Karin Tammemägi
¤ 1,235 euros for Tallinn city posters with deputy elder Priit Kutser
¤ 100,842 euros for Tallinn marathon advertisements, featuring Savisaar
¤ An unknown sum for Savisaar inviting people to vote on the PBK Russian-language channel
¤ An unknown sum for former Tartu Mayor Urmas Kruuse promoting a triathlon competition

Kruuse has said he will pay for the ads himself.