Chinese Restaurant, a Tartu Institution, Kicks the Bucket ({{commentsTotal}})

Tsink Plekk Pang, one of the more modern symbols of Tartu, closed permanently on Sunday due to a number of reasons, including financial, with debts to the state estimated in the tens of thousands.

The Chinese restaurant, located across four floors in the center of the city, 150 meters from the university's main building, was opened in 1999, adding a much needed cosmopolitan touch to the university town.

Eva Kaitsa, the owner of the restaurant, told Postimees the reasons included personal time and staff constraints, a tough market and tax debt in excess of 30,000 euros.

The town, population just under 100,000, now is spoiled for choice in international cuisine, but 15 years ago the situation was far from the modern university town Tartu has morphed into.

Tsink Plekk Pang, which translates into English as "zinc plated bucket," made to sound like a authentic Chinese title, was once considered the best Chinese restaurant in the country, with people from Tallinn making the 2-3 hour trip just for the food.

The level of food and service have been considered to drtop in recent years, admitted by as much by the owner.

The restaurant will still be catering a number of summer festivals, such as the Viljandi Folk in July.