Social Democrats Propose Handing TV Tower to Tallinn City ({{commentsTotal}})

The Social Democrats have proposed handing the ownership of Tallinn's TV Tower to the Tallinn government after refusing to sell it as part of a denationalization of TV and radio broadcast operator Levira, which currently owns the structure.

“The TV Tower has symbolic value to Tallinn residents and all Estonians. The Soviet army attempted to conquer the tower in 1991, with the aim of cutting Estonia off from the rest of the world, and many Tallinn locals risked their lives defending the object,” Social Democrat MP Rainer Vakra said on Monday.

He said it is important that the structure remains in public use as one of Tallinn's most distinct tourism destinations.

“The state must also do all in its power to make sure the tower does not become another Edgar-themed municipal pillar,” Vakra said, adding that the state should make sure it will not be used in the next elections.

The 314 meter tower re-opened in 2012 after a 5-million-euro makeover.