Top Travel Destinations for Estonians Still Finland, Sweden and Russia ({{commentsTotal}})

According to freshly released Eurostat data, the favorite overnight travel destinations for Estonians were Finland, Sweden and Russia in 2012, with the average trip lasting four days.

Estonians made a total of 2.9 million trips that year, with 39.4 percent of those abroad, nearly double the EU average, which was 24 percent, Eurostat revealed.

The average trip length was lower than the union's average, which was 5.2 days.

Latvians made more trips at 5.2 million, which works out to 2.6 trips per person, with at least one overnight stay. That figure was 2.2 for Estonia, and 1.4 for Lithuania. Finns stayed overnight an average of 7.4 nights. The union's average was 2.2 overnight trips per person in 2012.

Estonia was the second favorite destination for Latvians and the first for Finns.