Estonian Artists Collaborate in NYC Water Tank Project ({{commentsTotal}})

This summer, New York City will see the release of an awareness art show “The Water Tank Project”, which thrives to inform city dwellers about the issues concerning fresh water scarcity in the world. Among some of the world’s most famous artists like John Baldessar, Yoko Ono and Jeff Koons, two Estonian artists have been asked to participate – Kiwa and Anton Vill.

The works of art will exhibit on the notorious water tanks of New York’s cityscape. In its essence, it is a combined art show and an awareness project with the purpose of pointing out the flaws of clean water distribution around the world.

In addition to the water tank shows, several educational programs, excursions, social media campaigns and a symposium which tries to give another point of view to the global water problem. Similar projects are intended to take place around the world’s biggest cities.

The project is being led by NGO called Word Above the Street. The project got kick-started in 2007 when a filmmaker Mary Jordan, wife of Estonian politician Eerik-Niiles Kross, became ill in Ethiopia while doing a documentary. Local women nursed her back to health in hopes that their problem about the lack of clean drinking water would be shared with the world.

The project leader and curator, Mary Jordan, has also invited the composer Arvo Pärt to participate, who is already put down as a collaborating artist on the project’s webpage. Nora Pärt, his wife, has said that the composer has not given consent.