Kelam: New Parliament Must Help the EU Overcome Its Midlife Crisis   ({{commentsTotal}})

After the European Parliament convened for the first time since the elections, Estonian MEP Tunne Kelam said the EU is in a midlife crisis, and the new MEPs must help it overcome the problem.

“The problem arises when a person suddenly realizes he no longer has too much power, turns cautious, begins hesitating and doubting himself. The average citizen feels the European Union is not exactly what it says. What we need the most is unity in the union's values and actions,” he told ERR radio on Tuesday.

Two Estonian MEPs were named as the vice-presidents of their factions, with Marju Lauristin, of the Social Democrats, saying it is important to be on the board of her European party, the Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, as it is one of the two largest forces in Parliament. The board is responsible for preparing topics for discussion.

Former Estonian PM Andrus Ansip, named as one of the vice-presidents of ALDE, the liberal party in the EP, said the appointment is acknowledgment for his previous service as PM.

He said he is not likely to remain at the post for long, as he has ambitions to become a European Commissioner.