Laulupidu Weather: Dry For a Change ({{commentsTotal}})

The Song and Dance Festival this weekend will be blessed by what it has seemingly misses out on every five years - dry conditions.  

This morning's clouds will gradually dissipate, although there is still a chance of scattered showers. Highs today should reach 20 C, with partly cloudy skies and 18 C forecast overnight by the National Weather Service.

Saturday's parade should be free of umbrellas and the plastic sheeting over the participants that marked the event in 1999. That event started in a steady downpour. But this time, the participants should have partly cloudy skies, and high temperatures up to 22 C in Tallinn. However, wind might be an issue, with gusts up to 72 kilometers per hour in the forecast. Those conditions should prevail over the country at large.

Sunday's events in Tallinn should get partly cloudy skies with the high around 25 C. Scattered rain is in the forecast for central and eastern Estonia, but Pärnu and the major islands should see clear weather, with Pärnu the country's hot spot, with clear skies and temperatures around 27 C.