TV GUIDE: The Song Festival on ERR ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: ERR
Befitting Estonia's premier cultural event and UNESCO tradition, the Song Festival weekend will be extensively televised and livecast on Estonian Public Broadcasting's (ERR) various channels. The James and Maureen Tusty documentary, "To Breathe As One", about the 2009 festival will also be broadcast on ETV, but will be only viewable in Estonia.

The hub for Song Festival coverage on the Web is

Friday, July 4
18:00: 19th Dance Festival
20:25: Instrumental festival

Saturday, July 5
13:55: Song Festival procession
20:00: 26th Song Festival, first concert

Sunday, July 6
13:55: 26th Song Festival, second conert laulupidu. II kontsert "Puudutuse aeg"

Friday will bring two live events - the Dance Festival will be on ETV and an instrumental festival will be shown right after the dance festival.

The dance festival will also be streamable on demand on

On Friday night, the James Tusty documentary "To Breathe As One" about the 2009 festival will be aired on ETV. It is, unfortunately, only viewable in Estonia, however. It will also be on-demand streamable for seven days, also only in Estonia.

On Saturday, there will be livecasts of the parade and the first Song Festival concert on ETV.