Tallinn Steps Up Road Reconstruction ({{commentsTotal}})

After closing parts of Pärnu maantee, Tallinn has now closed half the lanes of Narva maantee, meaning that two out of the three largest roads going out of Tallinn are partially closed for reconstruction.

It almost seems like the reconstruction projects are a part of the drive to hold on to the city's population by not allowing them to leave, with the city also running campaigns to sign people up for residency in the city, netting 11.4 percent of their income as the local government share of income tax.

Talvo Rüütelmaa, head of traffic control in Tallinn, said the two roads will remain partially closed until the end of August.

He said they are putting high-voltage lines under Narva maantee, beginning from near Tallinn University.

“Traffic is very intense. People should expect longer trips and should stay calm. Sadly there is no alternative for reconstruction. Summer is the only season when these types of projects can be done,” Rüütelmaa said, adding that they hope to finish larger reconstruction projects by the beginning of the school year.