Tallinn University Receives More Than 9,000 Applications For New Year ({{commentsTotal}})

Tallinn University received 9,415 applications for the upcoming school year from potential students this summer, including 514 from foreign countries.

The most popular programs in undergraduate educations were the department of psychology (542 applications), management and business administration (443), early childhood educations (441), law (414) and physical education (336).

At the master's level, the most popular areas for applicants were organizational behavior (264 applications), social pedagogy and child protection (177), special education teaching and counseling (156), communications, (155) and social care (142).

The university will have 2,800 places for students. About 1,830 places will go to undergraduate and professional higher education students, and 930 to master's and doctoral level students.

The University of Tartu (UT) announced this week that it received 10,658 applications. Tallinn University of Technology received 9,965, 900 fewer than last year, which was caused by decreasing numbers of high school graduates in Estonia, the university said. The university led Estonia in the number of applications last year.

Medical science was the most popular speciality at UT, receiving 789 applications. The biggest competition, however, was in the discipline of physiotherapy, where there were 11 candidates for one position.

Tallinn University of Technology received the most applications to its informatics curriculum, which expressed his desire to learn to take 384 students.

University entrance exams run through this week.